How Val Ugbeide Became the Talked-about Guy


Some folks will never know how others their age are pulling it off. Without self-awareness and confidence, observing the life of someone like Valentine Ugbeide is torture: torture for the competitive person and torture for the unambitious. How does any man have it all good? But Ugbeide does, although most folks know next to nothing about him.

Folks talk about class and fortune as though those are all there is to a good life. Granted, the man leads a quiet life and minds his business, the deep pockets of Val Ugbeide do not define him (if they did, he would be on every millionaire watch list; but he isn’t—for now). A man who made his millions with diligence and doggedness is a man deserving of praise.

It is likely that his devotion to his church and pastor, House on the Rock, and Paul Adefarasin, exposed his cover. Otherwise, excluding those who were up and close with him, folks assumed Ugbeide to be the usual fortunate chap who had somehow stumbled into some money. Fortunate he is indeed, but stumbling into money is no longer a thing, not even in Nollywood and Bollywood cinema. Wisdom and good work got him where he is.

Valentine Ugbeide is the proud founder and MD of Gremoore Limited, an indigenous establishment currently operating out of Lagos with interests in EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation). He started the company in 2014 after his time at the well-known offshore projects, services, and energy company, Subsea 7 (formerly Acergy), where he served as the Director in charge of Commercials.

But Ugbeide is not just the talk of the town because of his business genius, but because he is a man refined. His wife, Linda Ugbeide, is known as his eternal varnish and one of the great delights of his life. With Val Ugbeide, the headlines always read ‘All correct!’
A fine verdict for a fine man with a fine life.