Setting Standards, APPOEMN Begins 2021 with New Excos


Rebecca Ejifoma

The Association of Professional Party Organisers and Event Managers of Nigeria (APPOEMN) has continued to set standards and professionalism as its core mandate.

This is as its newly inaugurated executive council (excos) members have pledged to carry on in same light.

This was the tone that officially ushered in the new excos at its send forth and inaugural event in Lagos on a Thursday evening.

The new executive members are: the President, Adefunke Kuyoro; the Vice President, Olufumbi Akinyosoye; Secretary, Omolola Balogun; Assistant Secretary, Jumoke Olatunji; and Finance Director, Funmi Olaogun.

Others include the Public Relations Director, Bose Abisagboola; Education Director, Yemisi Peters; Events Director, Pamela Nwonu; Logistics Director, Segun Okunuga; and Ojuolape femi-Ayodele, the Welfare Director.

While charging the 10 excos to roll up their sleeves, Kuyoro expressed, “We are all about standardisation. We want every APPOEMN members to plan to execute their events the same way”.

For Kuyoro, APPOEMN is putting its best foot forward to start the year right. “We are talking with governments. We have not been able to go out of Lagos yet,” she adds “We have reached out to the ministry of tourism, safety commission, and collaborating with them.”

Sharing their ideology for the year, the president acknowledged that APPOEMN, which began in 2012 in Lagos State, is currently making plans to launch new chapters across the country in Abuja, Ondo, and Delta states.

She enthused: “Part of our plans before Covid was to start forming chapters since we have members in other states. Sharing her ideology for the organisation.”

While decrying that the industry is one of the worst hit due to the wake of the pandemic, APPOEMN wants to concentrate more on the welfare of its members.

During the lockdown, the President explained, “When some people didn’t know what to do because their whole lives had depended on events, the first thing is to open up their minds to survive, whether the government opens us or not. Start looking outside the box of what you are doing. Diversify.”

To keep afloat, some of its members went into farming and cooking. “Notwithstanding, we still have to move on. We also spent time training members on health and safety issues.”

“This year will be better than next year,” Kuyoro assured party lovers that “We are hot on our knees to expand.”

Upon her reelection into the post of the PR the second term, Abisagboola compares the power of passion and vision (what you see in a space you belong and you want to ensure that it is achieved, actualised and you put in your best).

On how she will portray APPOEMN before Nigerians and events lovers, Abisagboola harped on standards. “It is the standards that you as a brand, an individual, the representative of that industry contributes into that industry, and I am ensuring that everyone in the industry understands.”

Echoing the words of the president, the PR outlined that it is not just about APPOEMN alone, it is about the industry. And the association wants to be able to do everything right by standards.