Mohammad Alwazzan Chronicles Journey As A Photographer

As technology has progressed, one of the art mediums that has changed the most noticeably is photography. Film cameras have been replaced with digital ones, and even the iconic Kodak brand is a thing of the past. Photographers who have embraced and adapted to this change have flourished, such as Mohammed Jasem Alwazzan.
Today, Mohammad’s Instagram page doubles as a travel guide to Kuwait, showcasing the country’s news, events, and restaurants. He also uses this account to promote his wife’s bakery business. He calls Instagram his life online as it depicts both his personal and professional story.
Mohammad’s work history paved the way for his successful photography career. In 2010 he took a job with the Ministry of Information at Kuwait Television. Here, he put his double majors in computer science and digital art to good use by embarking on an intense project to give the nation’s television channels a new look. This led to an interest in photography, with Mohammad taking impressive photos of people’s projects. Eventually, people began to send items to his home to be photographed, including food.
As he enjoyed this work immensely, Mohammad began to advertise his photography services on social media. He gained a lot of traction in a short period of time as he received invitations to cover major events such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. When he started to get paid for his work, he created his Instagram page to post what was going on in Kuwait. This led to the creation of an international community of photographers with Mohammad helping others to grow their businesses through social media.
Some of Mohammad’s major projects include photographing the grand opening of a large mall and growing their Instagram account from 0 to 5000 followers in just a year. He served as the event manager at Porsche Club Kuwait for 5 years, his photos dominating the organization’s website and Instagram page. Some of his images even made it into Germany’s popular Porsche magazine. In Mohammad’s words, Kuwait TV isn’t the most advanced in the world. Because of this, social media is the country’s dominant form of advertising. He was one of the first professionals to harness this trend and has helped other businesses adapt to online advertising.
Due to his captivating photography and editing style, Mohammad has been invited to cover the biggest trends and events in Kuwait. He loves to meet new and interesting people which is one of the reasons he ventured into photography and social media. His popularity has reached the point that he was covering 3-5 events a day before the pandemic hit, resulting in Mohammad having to decline some jobs as there were not enough hours in a day to fit all requests in his schedule.
Thanks to the rise of digital photography and Instagram, Mohammad can share his work with the world, and it has given him an opportunity to help other small businesses learn how to market their brand online. It will be interesting to see what this talented visual storyteller has in store next for his beloved Kuwait and any customer lucky enough to book his remarkable services.