Firm Launches Online TV


By Chinedu Eze

Indigenous firm, IntraDot has launched an online TV App in Nigeria, known as ‘OyaWatch TV’.

The company said it is a downloadable online mobile television application.

IntraDot said the novel TV app is suitability for all major mobile devices and smart TVs with contents from both local and international broadcasters.

“The app is the first service of its kind dedicated to Nigerian audiences by streaming live programmes of high quality news, sport, and entertainment and documentaries channels with available menu in English, French, and Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo languages,” the company said.

Nigerian who witnessed the demonstration of the TV described the rollout of the App as a revolution in how Nigerians would view media contents henceforth as it affords subscribers the ease to navigate through various channels easily.

Marketing Director, IntraDot Ltd, Francesca Minaise said the subscription-based streaming service is available on all App Stores and designed to bring television experience closer to users as they could now watch any programme of their choice on their palm.

Minaise also said, “Imagine the avid followers of programs and shows in a remote locations where the viewer does not have access to a TV but with his smartphone, just a click of a button, the viewer is just as the man, woman or child sitting before the giant screen in the sitting room or the viewing any centre . Same goes for lovers of sports, news, lifestyle/entertainment, music, movies, kids shows movies and many others.”

According to her, the name OyaWatch comes from the Yoruba slang “oya”, meaning instant or “instantly”, saying “we want to make the best global and local media and entertainment experiences available to everyone in Nigeria.”

The company’s Media Director, Mr. Sadiq Yusuf Akilu reiterated that, “OyaWatch is the future of Nigerian television; we are committed to delivering family entertainment to Mama Africa, providing the greatest selection of local channels in the continent and international channels for Nigeria. Our reliable service is one you can trust. Experience the digital revolution in your home now or anywhere, anytime and anyhow.”

Sadiq, disclosed that “one of the beauties of OyaWatch is it has 24 hours catch up, so if a person has missed the news, sports or movies, they can just simply rewind”

The firm said OyaWatch is offering over 60 channels of live news, movies, tv-shows, documentaries, sports and children’s content at a moderate price by subscription with other popular channels lined up for the future.

“Through the renowned Red Bee’s OTT platform, we have built a competitive subscription service available on every device, including smart phones, which are crucial in reaching a wider audience in Nigeria,” he said.

The Media Director affirmed that, “by launching ‘OyaWatch TV’, we want to make the best global and local media and entertainment experiences available to everyone in Nigeria.”

Also speaking, Chief Executive Officer of Red Bee Media, Mr. Steve Nylund said, “OyaWatch is a pioneering service in the Nigerian media and entertainment landscape and we are looking forward to seeing it grow in the years to come.”