The Conservative Political Action Conference provides an insight into some interesting political logic from those that seem to believe the election was stolen. The numbers speak, but not in this case. A stall runner at the conference sees the number in a different way as 80 million people voted for Biden but only 20 million follow him on Twitter. It would be a worrying time if Twitter decided election results.

The idea that social media is an accurate indicator of voting trends, if not a manipulator of votes is quite terrifying but fortunately unrealistic. With a total of zero Twitter followers I was still able to get 555 votes at the local council election. I also run a letter writing blog ( with only seven followers so from this great base I am thinking of running for the leadership of any country that wants me. I’m not in it for the money, just the power.

Again, the value of social media is not what some people think. Anybody with a brain will seek information from a number of sources and make a sensible choice, I hope.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia