Yes, o bro. Just fly away like a dove. Don’t even look back and do not be distracted by the warmongering of the petulant Pharisees who stoke war. Gabriel has in the last few weeks been stoked, prodded, chided and goaded to war. In his usual soft-spoken manner, he would say, “Edgar, me I no get time. I have a business to run and society to support.” I go just look am and marvel at his calmness in the face of massive provocation.

Me I no sabi hold back o. If you yab me, we go there. Mud every o, at the end of the day na two of us dem go dey call mad men. But Gabriel, I think deserves a Nobel peace prize. He has been called a murderer, maligned on social media and pushed to limits that even the Dalai Lama would have at least reacted.

But what did he do? He released a statement stating his own side of the story and asking the courts to intervene. I will say no bro, let’s go there. You know how we used to jump into fights in Shomolu. But Gabriel would say, “Duke you need to calm down o. We are trying to build a sustainable institution that will create jobs, support the system and attempt at bringing development not only to my people but to the nation. This is but a mild distraction. We never reach to go for ventilator, na mild symptoms. Leave am.”

I praise am because it is not easy to see your hard-earned reputation muddied. But I think what consoles him is the fact that no matter how hard you try, truth always stands vindicated. If na to marry your own Nollywood starlet go bring this peace, no worry, me The Duke of Shomolu go marry on your behalf. Kai. Na wetin? Keep being strong bro. well done.