Aisha Bello Committed to Redefining Modeling


Tosin Clegg

Aisha Bello is the founder and director of Star Models Africa, one of the fastest growing modeling agencies in Africa created with the aim of scouting, developing and introducing young talents to the global market. The aim of the agency is to give back to African models from Bello’s wealth of experience in international modeling and also to help them actualize their dreams.

On how her agency has rooted itself in the industry she said: “The fact that our standard is so high and we teach our models the business of fashion and entrepreneurship. We also have models from different African countries.

Our team travels to different Africa countries scouting the most beautiful girls.

Looking forward, we will produce the biggest stars from the soil of the African continent and we will show the world the richness of our human capital. We will continue to help young girls actualize their dreams and help change the narrative about young African girls.

“90 percent of our talents are girls who never dreamed they could become models. Developing and transforming these young girls has not been the easiest job but the Lord is our strength, the story behind each one of our stars is one for history books.

We teach our star models the do’s and don’ts of modeling, the business and all that it entails before we release them to the global market.”

From recruiting Funke Opakunle at a salon in Ikorodu who later on went to Milan, to Adhel Bol from South Sudan who fled violence and now on her first season in Europe to another talent met on her way to Church and now currently works in London.

The list is worthy of appraisals in shining the light on the paths of Bello’s work with her agency and the good fortunes she has yielded for so many across Africa.