Wealth Coach Marcus Blandin Shares Insights on Managing Wealth Amid the Pandemic


2020 will be known as the year of an awful pandemic. COVID-19 has upended the lives of millions and changed our society. One of the biggest struggles for people has been on the financial front. Enter award-winning business and financial coach Marcus Blandin, whose approach to financial success is based on serving others. His companies include starting non-profits, and Blandin describes himself as a philanthropist first and then a business man.

He has given back to communities with 500+ toy giveaways, food giveaways, bill payment giveaways, $3 million in college scholarships, and serves as a board member of other non-profits focused on mentoring & empowering youth. If anyone ever put their money where their mouth is, it was this gentleman.

Blandin is a world renowned business coach and international speaker in addition to an authority in financial literacy. He is the founder and CEO of Millionaires International and FYI Business & Financial Solutions. He has coached thousands of business owners to help them brand and grow their companies. Blandin achieves this with his comprehensive knowledge of corporate systems, processes, and procedures. As for results, a potential client needs to look no further than Blandin, who came from nothing and now belongs to the top 1% income bracket.

With the economy in shambles due to COVID-19, it is a challenge to keep businesses up and running. For individuals, financial management is critical as they are facing staggering unemployment rates. Thankfully, Blandin has some tips to help with money management during these difficult times.

For homes and businesses, strategies include managing time wisely and creating accountability and sustainable motivation. For companies, Blandin advises creating clarity about your company and methods to maximize profits, avoiding feeling overwhelmed by prioritizing tasks (scaling) and enhancing marketing skills to expand and reach new customers. In addition to these tips, the importance of all things credit is a core element of Blandin’s instruction.

Another core component is marketing, and Blandin has a section of coaching that specifically covers marketing after a pandemic. His experience as an analyst and consultant in the financial sector of the healthcare industry adds a dimension to his expertise in helping businesses navigate their way through the COVID-19 era.

Whether you are just starting or you have a long-standing business, Marcus Blandin can provide invaluable guidance to help your company grow to a global scale. As his coaching has resulted in multiple companies reaching 6 to 7 plus-figure in revenues, this “wealth whisperer” is the key to increasing revenues even during a pandemic.