CRC Credit Bureau Wins Award

CRC Credit Bureau Limited (CRC) has been named the Best Credit Bureau in Nigeria by Capital Finance International (, a print journal and online resource reporting on business, economics and finance with its headquarters in London.

The judging panel stated in their report that, “CRC Credit Bureau helps lenders make informed decisions with a nationwide repository of consumer and corporate credit information that covers more than 95 per cent of the domestic credit industry.”

The report stated: “CRC has weathered COVID-19 with steely resolve, achieving returns on par with expectations and is anticipating continued improvement.

“The Bureau is grateful for lessons learned in 2020 and for the impetus to propel its digital transformation. It now serves clients more through digital channels, which has created greater market access.

“CRC has become more data focused with the ability to add value in multiple segments and drive markets with better products and stronger analytics.”

The report showcased CRC’s mission to make every individual living in Nigeria stay on top of their credit history through their various products/services and digital platforms that make access to credit information easier than ever. CRC has developed a range of membership products to assist credit-granting clients with the screening of prospective customers, investors, and employees.

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