Let me be blunt. The #EndSARS protesters are nothing but a clump of infantile jokers. Abuse me all you want that is your business, me I kuku don’t do your Twitter and have not done Facebook in five years. I am only on Instagram and will not follow you, and if you follow me, I will block you.

You all think that national development or the Nigerian project is something you will be doing to impress your slay queens or is something that comedians masking under faux activism and be causing distractions when people are trying to build very serious bulwarks against the tyranny that we have been living with since 1960. Look, let me tell you that there is a natural sifting that comes with old age going on.

So, there is a natural succession planning that is going on. It is not time to be doing campus agitation and be jumping to toll gate and exposing yourself to illiterate policemen who cannot recognize human rights if she walked towards them a well-rounded naked damsel.

Join a political party now. This is the only way we can take over and install a meaningful, modern-day system. Join the political process, use your social media skills and drive your followers into the parties and take over. Imagine if you put three million people each in APC and PDP! What do you think will happen to Gbenga Daniel and FFK? Tell me if Tinubu will not come and beg.

Please, my people, let’s get the sense. Let’s be strategic. We cannot get power running around toll gate and Twitter and shouting that they hate us, kill us, and fight us. Learn from history; you think Tinubu became whatever he is today with all this crap that is going on? Please get the sense.

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