Nigerians have made it a national pastime to blame Buhari for every and anything that is going wrong. Me sef I am even beginning to pity the skinny man sef. Just how much can he take? So today person pikin fail DNA, na Buhari, person cannot give his wife at least 30minutes serious pounding, the minimum a Nigerian woman can handle, it is Buhari, everything is Buhari.

I have concluded that Buhari is just a convenient justification for laziness. Not that Buhari sef no get him own o. He himself is not helping the matter with his leg on the stool, toothpick-chewing image and seeming arrogant silence when the house is on fire. But I have come into some data that shows that some Nigerians are doing extremely well despite all these problems. See, we bought 70 million condoms last year, spending over N582 million on condoms.

We are still having sex o despite Buhari. In a country with only 40,000 doctors and less than 140,000 hospital beds, we are nacking. Wait, there is more. We spent over N780 billion last year on betting, with 60 million Nigerians involved. We have built an industry estimated at $1 billion, second only to South Africa. I have not got figures for alcohol consumption and cigarettes just yet, but you can be sure that they will be just about the same since they go hand in hand.

So despite Buhari, we are nacking, gambling and drinking and smoking. So in these areas, we are not hearing the cost of production, multiple taxations, inconsistent government policy, power, forex and all that crap that people used to talk to justify ineptitude in managing a business. When we are serious, please wake me up; everything cannot just be Buhari.

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