Firstly, I am confused. There used to be one Gumi during the IBB years that was quite popular and influential. Is this the same one or the pikin because the resemblance is striking? From the scraggy grey beards to the turban wey I no sure whether na dirty or na the colour to the dentition. I just dey confused. But the matter now is that I am not sure of how we should handle the man. The man seems to have won the confidence of our lords in the jungle. I did not call anybody name o. Nobody should come and kidnap me o.

I don’t have power or patience for that kind of rough play. But just in case, you must give me notice to carry my afang, condoms, vitamin C and that COVID-19 drug before we move. Seriously, he has given us some very strong insights as to the causes and possible immediate solutions to this matter.

He has also said that the bandits were on a revenge mission and are about to buy surface-to-air missiles. Mbok my take is that we engage this man better, use him as an intermediary to negotiate our freedom. Some mumu people are saying we should not negotiate. Why won’t you negotiate with a force you cannot see, that hits soft targets? You cannot possibly build a security network that will cover 200 million people over Nigeria’s vast landmass. Let us engage strategically before this thing reach Shomolu o and Gumi is the man o. I am afraid o.

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