My dear governor, I saw your picture buying boli from that very hard-working and industrious woman. That picture said so much to me. It dignified the labour of that woman who most likely will be everything to her family. It further threw her up as a role model giving a rewarding gesture to millions of women like her who will rather slave under the sun than prostitute themselves or do any of those stupid things to move ahead. It also threw you up as a down-to-earth leader, not that you needed that picture to send the signal, but still, it didn’t do your image any wrong.

Many leaders have done this thing before. OBJ is the king. Fayose na natural, and now you. It is good. But my main problem is how much did you pay for the boli? That na my own. The boli of that size is about N100, and with groundnut, it will come at N50. So, for N150 plus N5 pure water, you have a well-balanced Nigerian lunch. So how much did you pay o? I will be expecting a press release on this very soon. Furthermore, can the first lady or any other socially responsible institution or individual or His Excellency in his private capacity look at providing these women who are plenty with umbrellas to shade them from the sun? It could be branded for all I care.

They should also be gazette-protected citizens so that KAI and all those kind people will not be disturbing them. If you see how KAI used to kick their things in the gutter and naked them and bundle them inside Black Maria, forgetting that some are widows with just this boli to feed their families. Now that His Excellency is a customer, can we better their lots? Well done, sir, and also congrats on this your Ehingbeti. I hear that successive governments have implemented over 100 resolutions from the various series and that Tinubu started the thing. This is the beauty of continuity in governance. I guess the master plan is working. Well done, boss.

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