Aisha Buhari: The Fearless Woman at 50

Every First Lady of Nigeria is unique, which means that every Nigerian president’s wife has had nothing but her idiomatic style, unlike in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Thus, per erudition, self-awareness, and the sheer command of genuine loyalty from all and sundry, one is tempted to acquiesce to the notion that every Nigerian First Lady is unique—and still maintain that Aisha Buhari is more unique. As she clocks the golden 50, the bards are busy with their songs, and people are busy raising their heads to the heavens for her sake.

For people like Dr. Aisha Buhari, the esteemed First Lady of the Republic of Nigeria, 50 years is more than a handful of decades. The accomplishments that run behind these decades speak to the distinction of great men and women from everyday people. For those following her every move, the last few years have revealed Aisha Buhari as a golden goose in her husband’s administration and federal-level leadership.

Born February 17, 1971, Dr. Buhari has risen like a shoot out of cold grounds. With her education, experience and network of associates, she has raised the bar of First Ladyship, representing her people as she should and fighting for them whenever and against whoever.

A woman in Maryam Babangida’s order, Aisha Buhari assumes the most professional identities compared to her seniors: she is a ‘practising’ cosmetologist, beauty therapist and author. Notwithstanding, with her upper-level intellect, Aisha Buhari has not been gobbled up by politics and politicking in Nigeria.

At 50, Aisha Buhari has touched many lives, even more notably as a women’s rights activist and child rights advocate, than as the First Lady. At 50, the Lady still turns up her near-aquiline against high-minded and inconsiderate members of the Nigerian society, reserving her warm presence for her family and relatives, as well as for those of humbler bearing.
Comparison does little — if any — good. Thus, let the works of Dr. Aisha Buhari represent her.

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