Find and Fix Any Engine Oil Leak


by Bennett Oghifo

Common Leak Locations

Engine oil leaks are more of a syndrome than a disease. That is, leaks are an umbrella term for a wide range of mechanical issues. The first step in fixing any leak is finding the source! Here are the most common locations to find an engine oil leak:

Rear Main Seal

The rear main seal is at the back of your engine and seals where the crankshaft exits the engine to attach to the flywheel. This seal is notorious for leaking on vehicles that don’t get used often or don’t get regular oil changes. Learn more about rear main seal leaks.

Oil Pan Gasket

Another common engine oil leak location is your oil pan gasket. This gasket is thin and long. The pan is made of thin metal that expands and contracts when operating. It’s usually a quick repair, but on some vehicles (such as those with transversely mounted V6 engines), there can be many components obstructing the oil pan. If you can’t easily get to your oil pan, consider using BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to stop the leak by revitalizing the gasket!

Valve Cover Gasket

Your valve cover or covers are very similar in construction to your oil pan and, typically, right on top of your engine. Replacing them is relatively easy. On some 6 cylinder engines, the intake manifold may cover one of the valve covers. In that case, use BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to seal the leak!

Timing Cover Gasket

Timing cover gasket leaks are considered a major leak. If your engine has a timing chain, the cover is at the front, shielding the timing components. The system is splash lubricated, so leaks from the timing cover gasket are often slow, but they can make a mess as they leak out around your engine’s drive belt and accessories. Replacing the timing cover gasket is always an expensive job, as you’ve got to remove lots of other pieces before you get to the timing cover.

Fix Your Leak Fast With Blue Devil Stop Leak

The best way to fix a leak is to prevent it from happening. Make sure your engine parts are leak resistant and seal minor leaks with our universal answer to all of your engine-oil-leak needs with BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak. Our no leak solution is an industry-leading product designed to give your engine the protection it needs and your car the mileage it deserves. Learn more about the product and where to purchase below!

Source: BlueDevil Products

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