Kano to Conduct Compulsory HIV, TB Tests for Staff of Bakeries, Food Vendors

By Ibrahim Shuaibu

The Kano State Consumer Protection Council (CPC) yesterday pledged to conduct compulsory HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis tests for staff of restaurants, eateries, bakeries and other food processing companies in the state.

The acting Managing Director of the council, Mr. Bappa Babba Dan-agundi, said the motive behind the test is to make the state free from contaminated consumables capable of destroying public health.

He told journalists in his office yesterday that the exercise would commence by March 2021, stating that any food vendor who tests positive to any of the infections would be compelled to leave for safe public health.

“All food producing companies must obtain health certificates to ensure that their staff members do not have tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases that could be transmitted to people.

“Also, this health certification will be extended to eateries. All management of eateries must ensure that their staff members are medically certified and free from the diseases mentioned earlier,” Dan-agundi noted.

He regretted that many residents had contaminated infections through contaminated foods affected by the vendors, assuring the state that the council would launch the health certificate operation where record of all operators in the food distribution and production industry would be captured.

The acting managing director emphasised that the registration is free of charge, insisting that the council will not hesitate to shut down any outlets that compromise standard and regulations.

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