INI EDO – AN ACTING GENIUS Ini Edo – An Acting Genius


Come and see the picture of this ebony princess sent to me by my production czar, Ifeanyi. You will get goose pimples o. Those who know will know that I am about to take my next production to Uyo in Akwa Ibom, the land of my heritage. By the time you will be reading this I would be in Uyo enjoying rich afang which I will wash down with fresh palm wine.

So I decided to use this damsel who shown like a thousand stars in Kunle Afolayan’s citadel for the lead role in my new play – Ibiom. My sister Elvina Ibru gave me the contact, and the voice came on the phone, and I fainted. I never wake up yet o. When I wake, I will write the story, for now make una leave me.