Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello

Me I sha like this bobo: he has what we used to call in Shomolu – Ogboju. He no dey fear o especially on this matter of Covid. His head is still in a big hole. Termites and abutata are biting his buttocks but he is still shouting that there is no COVID-19.

Me I used to be his disciple before o, but with this second wave and the 34 percent jump in mortality and the efficiency of the spread of the infection, I have disowned him o. The man’s assertion is dangerous and almost evil in its naivety. For anybody at this time to be saying that there is no COVID-19 or whatever it is that he has been saying can best be described as delirious.

So, it was not surprising when the authorities named his state a very dangerous one because of the lack of seriousness in battling the virus. Me I agree totally.

He has now responded by threatening to go to court and I am really praying that this is not one of the many showy comedic moves but a real threat. Let’s go to court and get this resolved once and for all. Meanwhile, the curve is climbing, people are being infected and sadly people are dying. We need help.

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