Where’s Paddy Adenuga?

Paddy Adenuga

Paddy Adenuga

Where is Paddy Adenuga? This is the question on the lips of many Nigerians who cannot put the finger on the last time the true-to-scale son of billionaire Globacom boss, Otunba Mike Adenuga. It would appear that Paddy has gone from being as visible as Nebuchadnezzar’s statue to being The Invisible Man of English writer, H. G. Wells.

First things first: Paddy Adenuga is every bit his father—brilliant, relentlessly charming, and popular with the media. However, while Adenuga Senior is irredeemably private and camera-shy, you can take a quick click with Paddy, and he wouldn’t blink. Essentially, although each has their charm, Paddy is seen as the cooler Adenuga.

Recently, however, Paddy has been conspicuously absent from everything. It used to be that he was the more social—alongside his sister, Bella Disu née Adenuga—in their very private family. Now, either Paddy has opted to walk in his father’s introverted shoes, or he is taking an extended break from prying eyes.

Graduating from the prestigious Marine Military Academy (MMA) in Texas, USA, at age 13, it was obvious that Paddy was just as brilliant as his father. Afterward, he studied Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Graduating at the age of 18, the chances of joining his father’s conglomerate couldn’t be any higher. He did and began to do exploits.

It wasn’t so long ago that Paddy Adenuga revealed that he had almost acquired one of the biggest oil companies globally, Chevron Netherlands, at the age of 29—and without his father’s aid or supervision. His well-written account of the adventure broke the Internet and indicated that Paddy was very much like his father: a daring visionary with a crowbar for a spine.

Now 36, Paddy Adenuga continues to blaze a colourful trail in his business endeavours. Until his sudden disappearing act, Paddy and his sister, Bella Disu, gradually became the face of the Mike Adenuga Group.
Maybe Paddy Adenuga is vacationing somewhere, planning out 2021 with his characteristic near-prescient intellect. In any case, folks want to know where he is.

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