A lot of people will not know this oga. Even me I did not know him until I read his response to Bill Gates. Bill Gates, the man they say has castrated all of us and removed the ovaries of our wives came out to say that it didn’t make any logical sense for us to spend the kind of money we are hearing on a vaccine for covid that instead we should use the money to strengthen our weak medical infrastructure.

My position exactly. I have been shouting since that with less than 25,000 active cases nationwide, our inability to provide hospital beds in a country of 200m then no be covid be the problem, we are the problem.

That is how this lord come out to counter Bill Gates. He no even do him homework o, I am sure they just called him when he was eating and say, oya go reply. Himself just jump up and open mouth. He say that the vaccine will in the long run strengthen our medical infrastructure because it will enhance distribution capacity and also because we will also employ fresh hands to assist and as a result, we should go ahead to spend over N400m on vaccine as against a national health budget of about the same cost.

This is what we call the ‘oh my God’ moment. Did he just say that? I leave him to his great grandchildren when they read this thing 100 years from now and see how dem ancestor behave at a time that common sense needed to be on show. I just tire.

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