You know I have been complaining here every time that people will be pushing me to be looking for trouble. That is how my friend and brother Olumide Odunayo will be calling me and be saying Duke, this Igboho, won’t you put mouth.

I say I have talked last week. He say you did not talk well abeg. What do you really think of the man? I say, Olumide you are mad o. I should come and yab man wey put tortoise for chest dey waka. Abi you did not see his shoulders pad when he went to drive Fulani people somewhere in Oyo State. So, I should go and yab that one and then he will now come and do me what we use to see in all those old Fadeyi Oloro movies.

He will now bring out his cow horn, remove his shirt and stand with brown pant and be saying Edgar, omo Sampson lati Akwa Ibom, mo ni ko ma fo so ke and me on top of Duchess will suddenly jump up and be shouting a gbe ro. Not me o. Federal government has said no more congregation of people more than 50, so Redeemed camp don close, nowhere will I run for deliverance.

That is how he now came again and said, the man has called Seyi Makinde, Tinubu and Ooni Fulani slaves, that what will I do. I say I will slap you o, what is it. Is it not the same Command Secondary School me and you go. You even beat me for English Language, go write your own na. You see juju people fighting, you now want me to carry my big head enter. That is how someone call me bastard and I slap the person and police catch me and my mama wey I dey defend her honour start to ask me in front of police if na me dem call bastard.

If the man call him elders bastard, how does that concern me? The elders you think they don’t know how to respond? I never talk finish; the man has apologized and change mouth. You see how I for enter am and when they settle and Igboho decide to deal with me, who will save me? Chief Igboho you are doing a good job. Well done, but just take it easy small. There is something like constituted authority.

Kindly partner them so that we will resolve whatever is the matter peacefully. Egbon mi, ma bi nu. If you want to reach me, let me know I will send you Olumide phone number reach am na your fan. Me, I dey Mende dey wait for afang to cook finish. Thank you.

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