Lai Mohammed Behind Kwara APC Crisis, Alleges Ajadi

Lai Mohammed Behind Kwara APC Crisis, Alleges Ajadi

Tolulope Ibukunoluwa

The crisis in the Kwara State All Progressives Congress (APC) is traceable to the Minister of Information Lai Mohammed aiming to make himself a godfather that Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq must either submit to or be stampeded, Senator Suleiman Ajadi has alleged.

Ajadi, a chieftain of the party, at a press briefing in Ilorin yesterday alleged that the minister was using a former APC chairman in the state “to destabilize Kwara with propaganda and anti-party activities.”

Ajadi alleged that the minister had perfected plans to either stop the ongoing party’s registration through a phantom court case or premeditated unrest using some of his loyalists in the state.

Ajadi alleged: “The person to be blamed is the Honorable Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. He brought BOB to Kwara State to come and be the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee. He was imposed from Abuja, there was no election. Even before the election, he was encouraging BOB to disrespect the then gubernatorial candidate to the point of not attending the rally at that time.

“Ask anybody, the former Chairman hardly attended rallies with the governorship candidate then. And after he won the election, they continued their antics of propagating their lies against the governor. How can a state chairman of the party be going and encouraging others to go to radio stations to disparage the governor of the state? They were openly discrediting the governor under the guise of not carrying them along. How can you be disparaging somebody and you are accusing him of not carrying you along?

“Taking you along for what? Most of the people fighting this battle against him, he made their children SA this and that. He is doing projects in their communities. I don’t know the meaning of he is not taking them along.

But if Alahji Lai Mohammed had called the chairman he brought to order all along it would not have gone this far.

“And it was because Alhaji Lai Mohammed is claiming to be the leader of the party in kwara state. Take it that when we had no governor, honorable minister could be the party leader for that state. But when we now have a substantive governor how can you be claiming to be the party leader and trying to give orders, telling the governor where he should go and where he should not go?

“Now, when they wanted to re-appoint this BOB, many of us raised this issue that he was a caretaker chairman. How do you say you want the caretaker chairman to succeed himself as catetaker chairman again?

The current caretaker chairmen in other states were substantive chairmen of the party in their states. But Alhaji Lai felt this is the one he can use and he wants to continue using him to fight the battle against the governor of the state.”

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