No Singing or Chanting at Tokyo Olympic Games

Singing or chanting will be discouraged at the re-arranged Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in a bid to safeguard against the spread of coronavirus.

Instead, those attending the Olympics – due to begin on 23 July – and Paralympics – set to start on 24 August – will be encouraged to clap in order to show support.

The suggestion is one of a number of rules detailed in a ‘Playbook’ published by organisersyesterday.

The first Playbook is aimed at members of international federations and technical officials but further versions due to be published will be aimed at athletes and media.

The move to highlight the processes in place to ensure a safe Games comes as organisers stress they are committed to a “successful and safe delivery”of the Games, despite Tokyo currently being in a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Under a page titled “think hygiene” the Playbook says individuals should “support athletes by clapping and not singing or chanting”.

In addition attendees will have to complete a “14-day activity plan” detailing “all your planned activities”, including travel and accommodation plans.

While the first Playbook is not aimed at athletes, it would also appear competitors may not be allowed to attend other sporting events at the Games.

It states “you must not visit Games venues as a spectator” and “you must not visit tourist areas, shops, restaurants or bars and gyms” for the first 14 days from arrival.

“You must only leave your accommodation to go to Official Games Venues and limited additional locations,” the Playbook adds.

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