Strong corporate titan and new breed politician the great, Sir Tonye Cole sent for me. I said, oya and we met up somewhere in Ikoyi and he ordered strong sandwich for me. I ate o. But then matter-of- factly, he told me of the need for a new wave of issue, Nigerian youths should form themselves into a block, farm themselves into the two parties and save this country.

I agreed. Makes a lot of sense. You see the forces controlling our destiny are too entrenched. Not only in the physical structures but also in the narrative and the control they have over our minds and matter. So according to him, trying to set up new structures taking on them frontally will be an attempt at catching the wind. But something he said struck me. He said, ‘We have two election cycles to achieve this change. Two election cycles failure which our generation would have truly failed the country.

I agreed again. Me I am 50 and cannot just be sitting on the side and be writing this column and be arguing and debating on whatsapp when time and things are going by. In 10 years, I will be sixty and it’s over. Yet we know the things to do and how to go about it to kick out all this Nebuchadnezzars and Pharisees who have held us to ransom forever.

It is time we stood up and be very serious with key strategies in aligning and realigning so that by 2027 we have a modernist, a Tony Blair-type figure in the saddle who will rule with merit and not along the shallow prisms of tribalism and pre-20th century methodologies. Tonye I am ready, 60 million of us are ready, show us the way. LEADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

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