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These ones will not do anything o. They don’t even look like they can fight. The Navy one is so short me I am even wondering if he can see above the steering of a ship sef. But wetin concern me? The most important thing is that at least daddy has listened and has made changes and there is some small relief. Truth is that, this is but a cosmetic attempt at engaging the matter. If anybody is looking at these four as I am looking at their picture and expecting something different, then you have to go wash your head or gaggle with TCP. The way it is, even if you bring Arnold Schwarzenegger – I no sabi spell him name abeg or Gen Schwarzkopf come, Boko go still beat am. The whole structure has to be overhauled from top to bottom.

Command structure, war strategy, weaponization, attitude, morale, welfare and all that. It has to be totally upended and rebuilt failure which na the same thing we go find ourselves six months from now. These ones will just be wearing uniform and be issuing press statements. The President is perfectly positioned to better understand what is needed to revamp the Armed Forces being a retired general who has served.

He has to buckle down and take direct interest in ensuring that the Armed Forces are turned into a modern-day institution complete with the discipline and professionalism that come with it and not the Oshodi market fighting force that is the bane of many tomato traders today. Please sir, with all honesty I plead, do not just change the Service Chiefs and go and carry toot pick and put your leg up, please please directly involve yourself in the total overhaul of the whole system inside out. If that will be your legacy so be it. I know you can do it. DO IT. People are dying.

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