Millionaire Employee Conference to Hold February

The Millionaire Employee Conference has been designed to assist and help working professionals in Nigeria and Diaspora to better understand how to increase, manage and multiply their income through various avenues. With the changes to times and seasons effected by the emergence of Covid-19 brining uncertainty, many losing their jobs and the future of work shifting from what it used to be has given rise to this conference which would deploy experienced means and tested strategies to improve income flow.

The conference is set to achieve four cardinal goals which is to get its participants out of personal debt, coach on how to increase income, guide towards the right direction of making profitable investments and contribute to the development of the society. At the moment 300 people are on board with the community with a projection of 10,000 by year ending. The platform which is almost free just needs a background drive from Jimi Tewe’s book which would serve access for a year.

Speaking about the conference, Mr Tewe highlights that, ‘This conference is something we have been deliberating upon for a while but much more than ever before it’s much needed now. As the name suggests it is a community of employees with the goal to make them millionaires. But the truth in today’s world is that being a Millionaire is no longer a luxury but a necessity because of the impact of the economy level. Also organisations need to understand that the financial situations their employees are could affect their productivity.’

The , would be organised virtually by The Jimi Tewe Company, with the theme “Where to Make and Invest Money in 2021,” bringing on board 10 seasoned investment experts and consultants to teach practical experiences and give insights into how employees can legitimately earn income from other sources while still keeping their jobs.

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