Sharon Ooja Thrills in ‘Still Falling’

The trailer for “Still Falling”, a new Nollywood movie starring fast rising stars, Sharon Ooja and Daniel Etim Effiong, captures thrilling and captivating scenes of love and hate. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Her name is Bono Kuku, a boss lady, influencer and a party girl. All seems to be well on the surface but deep inside of her lies emotional wreck, the kind that she would never want to remember. Anyway, she has to, especially as she runs into the source of her unpleasant past.

The trailer for upcoming movie, “Still Falling” opens. “I saw him,” Bono Kuku (played by Sharon Ooja) tells her friend, who in turn responds, “Your vampire university boyfriend?” What could he have done to merit such a vile description vampire boyfriend?

Well he slit his wrist and made her drink his blood for some reason. Following their unexpected reunion, the boyfriend Captain Lagi Gowon (played by Daniel Effiong) really wants to them to talk. Soon after, he forcefully offers some explanation, yelling… “I was only rebelling, don’t you get it?” Despite her sad experience, she’s still falling, sweetly falling and deep in love with him, she croons. The two minutes 11 seconds trailer for Dimbo and Karachi Atiya‘s “Still Falling” captures some thrilling and captivating scenes, set and shot in Abuja.

The anticipated Nollywood title which will premiere in cinemas nationwide on February 12 – within the Valentine (a season of love, friendship and emotion) – tells the story about love and forgiveness. This story of opposites love and hate, faith and doubt, grace and guts, triumphs and regrets will get everyone taking a deeper look at their motives and choices. But how much is hidden behind painted doors? Can we truly know someone? Are we as steady in faith as we think we are or are we “Still Falling”? How do we tell a story of forgiveness when wounds refuse to heal?

Still Falling is the story of Bono Kuku and Capt. Lagi Gowon, two strong characters and how they collide and are permanently changed in the events that ensue, after a re-union that brings back memories of a toxic past. Woven into their lives are the friends and loved ones who can try to make the best out of a sticky situation. Whether they succeed or fail is up to fate.

The forthcoming feature film stars other actors like veteran Liz (Benson) Ameye, Kunle Remi, Bethel ‘Senator’ Njokwu, Lulu Okonkwo, Laura Fidel, Eddy Madaki, Chavala Yaduma, Zeal (Styl-Plus) and many more, including a special guest appearance by renowned gospel singer, Dr. Panam Percy Paul.

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