Oando Foundation Celebrates at 10, Prioritises Public Schools

Oando Foundation Celebrates at 10, Prioritises Public Schools

Oando, an energy company has explained that it chose to invest in Education in their foundation so as to help reform and restructure society for the betterment of future Nigerians.

The foundation in a statement said “Ten years ago, Oando PLC is one of Africa’s leading energy solutions providers decided to invest in education with Oando Foundation with a mission to improve the environment and learning outcomes in Nigerian public schools. Today, the foundation has not only lived to its expectation, it has bridged the gap and transformed l lives of the Nigerian children through education.

“Since its establishment in 2011, the Inspired Hands have dedicated their time, talent and resources in putting smiles on the faces of Nigerian school pupils, teachers and indeed the larger community.”

Explaining more on its activities, it said, “The foundation over the years has conducted four career talks, three book drives, four schools rehabilitation across Nigeria while it has also donated 1500 educational aids and it also awarded and sponsored 221 scholarships across the nation. Through the scholarship programme, it has impacted 1153 students from poor socio- economic background while beneficiaries have recorded remarkable strides, performing above 70% average consistently; others have represented their states and local governments different academic competitions.

“Because the foundation believes that education is constantly evolving and so should the teaching methods, it has successfully supported the professional development of 2832 teachers and 210 head teachers in school management, modern pedagogical practices and subject content knowledge. “

The Group Chief Executive of Oando Plc, Adewale Tinubu who expressed pride at the achievements of the foundation’s achievements in the past 10 years vowed that they will not relent in their efforts to achieved their mission in improving the environment and learning outcomes in Nigerian public schools.

‘’ To say that I am proud of our achievements in bridging the gap and transforming lives of Nigerian children through education is an understatement. I look forward to more feats and the role the foundation will continue to play in placing education and lifelong learning at the centre of COVID-19 recovery’’

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