NAHCON Begins Sensitisation on Hajji Savings Scheme

By Hammed Shittu

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), has commenced sensitisation and enlightenment programmes for all intending Muslims Pilgrims across the nation on the need to make use of Hajj Savings scheme so as to ease their pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia every year.

Speaking at the official launch of the scheme in Ilorin, Kwara State, the Chairman of the commission, Alhaji Sikrullah Kunle Hassan said the gesture would help the intending Muslims to save more money without any hindrance when the time comes to embark on the pilgrimage.

He said, “The scheme is being coordinated by the Jaiz Bank branches across the country so as to make the scheme hitch free for the intending Muslims.

“The Hajj Savings Scheme will also aid/assist the less-privileged Muslims by providing them opportunity of saving enough money over a period of time to facilitate their traveling to Saudi Arabia to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam.

“Additionally, the benefits derived from the scheme include the fact that intending pilgrims no longer have to sell their properties before they can go on pilgrimage.

“Furthermore, intending pilgrims do not need to rely or depend on their well-to-do relations or government for sponsorship to perform Hajj.”

Represented at the event by Hajia Halimat Jubril, the chairman added that, “the scheme will make Hajj fare affordable in the form of subsidy to subscribers, as well as afford participants to derive some profit from their savings at the end of every month which shall be added to their contributions.

He therefore lauded the efforts of stakeholders like Muslim Pilgrim Welfare, Board, Ulama, Islamic Societies and religious organisations in the task of achieving a maximum result of the scheme.

Also speaking at the event, the Grand Khadi of Court of Appeal in Kwara State, Justice Ola Abdulkadir lauded the series of positive innovations being embarked upon by the current leadership of the NAHCON in the country.

He said the development has removed stress from Hajji operations.

The Grand Khadi, who was represented by Justice Abdullateef Kamaldeen said, “We have been noticing some improvements and commitments through your awareness, sensitisation and enlightenment to make the operations easier and successful.”

He therefore urged the intending Muslims to embrace the Hajji Savings scheme so as to assist them to save more funds on time for the pilgrimage to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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