Ethiopian Appoints New Cargo Manager for Nigeria

Ethiopian Airlines has appointed Mr. Solomon Mekonnen as the new Cargo Manager in Nigeria.
Ethiopian said in a statement that the total cargo it transported across its network in 2020, was a 644,000 tonnes and out of that amount in/out Nigeria during the year was 49,000 tonnes.

To serve Nigeria with this enhanced cargo capacity, Mekonnen would be based in Lagos and would supervise the cargo operations in Nigeria.
Ethiopian Airlines already has daily freight services to Nigeria in addition to the passenger services for which it is well regarded in Nigeria.
The statement also said Mekonnen has worked in various capacities since joining ET in 2006.

He had worked as cargo Supervisor, Cargo Sales Manager in Addis Ababa and Traffic and Sales Manager in Enugu.
“Ethiopian Airlines has an immense capacity for cargo. It has been winning most of the available industry awards in 2020. It adapted some of its planes to do cargo; it has 576, 800Kg belly hold capacity from 83 passenger aircraft. It has a dedicated freight fleet of 10 B777 and 2 B737.

“With the largest cargo terminal in Africa at Addis Ababa Airport with all cargo capability, ET has been identified as the first choice for vaccine distribution by most countries. Ethiopian Airlines has been flying to Nigeria since 1960 and has become one of the most reliable airline for Nigerian passengers.

“It uses the most advanced and brand new aircraft for its flights to Lagos and Abuja. It was the first airline to introduce B787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 to Nigeria. It was the only international airline to fly to Kaduna when Abuja airport was closed.
“It was the only international airline to serve Enugu Airport until it was closed for runway repairs,” the airline said.

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