‘We’ll Be Back in Some Form’


The cryptic message by Donald Trump on the day he departed the White House, “we’ll be back in some form,” will dominate political discussions for a couple of years into the Joe Biden presidency.

What did Trump really mean? It is said that, as a result of age and depending on his state of health in 2024 plus his belief in the Democratic Party’s “liberalism and feminism,” Joe Biden may not seek a second term and so the coast will be clear, if you will, for the “Caucasoid-Black-Asian” VP, Kamala Harris, to run for president.

Donald Trump, in his cryptic McDouglas Arthureque quip, actually meant he will push Ivanka Trump-Kushner into the fray. Then, it will be a “woman-to-woman, Jew’s wife versus Jew’s wife” fight between two beautiful ladies whose mothers were “modern immigrants” to the US; that would be an evenly-poised contest.

Ivanka’s popularity pre-2024 will soar if security in the mainland US takes a knock as a result of Biden reversing Trump’s “travel ban” Executive Order; to ensure that this does not happen, since Democrats will be rightly tensed as this particular travel ban is lifted and pissed-off grizzled reactionaries enter stateside and sneer at a “decadent” America, Biden, Harris and the likes of Ilhan Omar will have a lot of “cooling-off talks” to do as they criss-cross America.

Otherwise, Ivanka will run her 2024 campaign exactly on the format of her dad Donald by threatening a second, more comprehensive and punitive “travel ban.” Sure, the Democrats will not rest easy these next four years. Trump will see to that.
––Sunday Adole Jonah, Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State