That Ondo, FG’s Needless Sparring

Olurotimi Akeredolu

Olurotimi Akeredolu

Last week’s disagreement between the federal government and the Ondo State government over the latter’s quit notice to some criminal herdsmen squatting in the forest and decimating the ecosystem has further reaffirmed government’s notorious but inane disposition to issues especially, when certain ethnic nationalities are involved.

Sadly, the Muhammadu Buhari administration often forgets that the relationship between the central government and the federating units is not subservient but is quick to handing down orders as though a principal is reading riot act to its students over whom he has absolute control.

With increasing insecurity, which has exposed the helplessness of the federal government, no state should wait to be prodded before doing the right thing except such has left the fate of its people in the hands of criminals, a majority of whom are not even Nigerians.

The order by the Ondo State government was without biases to any particular ethnic nationality but a move to preserve the state’s ecosystem and secure his people, considering the importance of the Ondo forests. In this case, a sensible ‘partner’ is expected to constructively engage his colleague and work out an amicable solution and not always ready for some sparring.

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