The elegant stallion – I have always wondered what the person who came up with this moniker was thinking – has just revealed that the legendary Fela had asked to marry her. Well, if it is the Fela that me I knew, I don’t think that was a real marriage proposal. That was style to have a quickie and run away.

Thankfully, the elegant stallion did not fall for it oh as she said according to her that she is a very possessive woman and would not have been able to cope with Fela’s harem. This is quite an interesting story and I would have imagined how it would have gone down. Onyeka was quite a beauty in those days especially with that her trademark gray patch on her head.

Even me I had a crush oh and used to hate Sunny Ade who dared to sing a duet with her and be carrying that his tribal mark face and be trying to take it near her face. The thing used to pain me. That is how Fela too would have said, kai let me try my luck too because this one pass all my 42 wey I keep for house o. He say, women like to hear marriage so let me use that style and just do one and run.

But Baba no know say, this na American brought up oh. She just snub him and good for him. Is it that pant he will now be wearing around with our elegant stallion? Mbok, Mummy don’t mind me jo, just wanted to take a small quip at you. How are you and I hope you are enjoying the retirement sha? Well done.