Kai, headlines can put someone in trouble oh. The thing screamed – anybody with COVID-19 that enters Iwo land will be automatically cured. Well as with anything to do with this Baba, I tried to ignore but as I was suffering from a rare patch of writers’ block with nothing to comment on, I opened the story. The daddy traditional ruler was just expressing faith in a speech commemorating his fourth abi fifth year of ascension.

He talked about the development he has brought to the town including the N500 he used to share to all the people making sure that he was video-recorded while giving it out and in the process, made a prayer point that anybody with COVID-19 will be cured. This is what media turned around and made it look like we were seeing a Pastor Oyakilome-type proclamation. You see how they push someone into trouble.

if I hadn’t opened the report and went to yab daddy based on the headline why wouldn’t the fine daddy curse me and make me die of weak erection? I thank God I took the patience to read the stuff and better understand where the light-skinned monarch was coming from. You know the man can slap. The other person he slapped, I hear is still having neck pain almost two years now. Happy anniversary Kabiyesi and may God give you many more fruitful years on the throne of your forefathers. Well done, sir.

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