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Addressing Incessant Tanker Explosions

Addressing Incessant Tanker Explosions

Why does it appear like the Nigerian governments at all levels are not wired to learning from anything? Whether it’s political, social or economic, recurring mistakes are a fad here and no one if often ready to take the bull by the horn.

This doesn’t only usually leave the Nigerian people more vulnerable; it speaks to the kinds of humans they are – either as leaders or followers.

The rate at which tankers explode in different parts of the country is fast becoming a norm – a disturbing one to say the least. But this is not just happening and two, it is mostly often as a result of human error.

Therefore, how the regulatory agencies have not been able to fathom the problem and address this existential threat to the daily living of everyone is confounding. Governments at all levels must design a way to curtail the ever-increasing explosions to save lives and properties.

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