Lord Herbert is taking over eight African countries. They say Access Bank is now the biggest bank in the country. I believe because their PR man, Abdul Imoyo, has moved from Bariga to Lekki. Na these kind things you will use to know when a firm is progressing that is what they teach us at Analyst school. The news has greeted me, however, with mixed feelings.

I am very happy that this expansion will bode very well for the organization stamping Nigeria’s footprints on the continent but my fear is that others have gone and ran back with their tails between their legs. Some of this growth has even led to their unravelling when not well-conceived and managed.

Anyways, I do not think this would be the case with Access Bank. You have come a long way and I remain very confident that you will succeed in this space. Well done to you and your team especially that your brown-skinned one that is on Awolowo Road. Kai.

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