Austin Ermes aka AusGod takes the global with content creation raking views in billions

If you’re in high school or college, then you have definitely kept up with the NELK Boys every Monday as their weekly episodes have become a ritual to their die-hard fans. Their YouTube channel has an incredibly loyal fanbase like no other, averaging five million views with six million subscribers, they are creating their own genre on YouTube. For the past two years, Austin Ermes, AKA, Ausgod, has led a powerhouse team of editors, making each video more epic than the last.

Austin is a lifestyle filmmaker, videographer, and content creator who seamlessly fell into his role as the director of content for the Canadian pranksters. Closing in on a billion views on their YouTube channel, it’s clear that they have tapped into something that millions of people look forward to watching.

In a way, Austin plays a role in a new age of video and production. The NELK Boys have been creating videos for seven years, but the production quality of the videos skyrocketed when Ausgod himself came on board to add his own vision. Through his creativity, Austin has delivered an even greater success to this now-legendary crew.

Since joining two and a half years ago, Austin has been leading the team by not only editing, but in the creative direction for the highly-anticipated merchandise drops that occur every two months. For those of you who don’t know, the NELK Boys sell exclusive branded ‘NELK Boys’ and ‘Full Send’ merchandise that’s guaranteed to sell out in minutes.

The exclusivity of their products have created such hype they have hundreds of thousands of fans, waiting online to get their hands on anything from a shot glass to a ping-pong table. To see the NELK Boys and Ausgod in action, check out the NELK Boys YouTube channel every Monday.

While Austin Ermes enjoys incredible success as part of the NELK Boys team, he also had an eventful journey leading up to this point.

Just like many of the NELK Boys, he hails from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Austin received his degree in Media Studies and diploma for Digital Communications from the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto.

Once he graduated, he was lucky enough to land a job working with the up-and-coming clothing and lifestyle brand, East Coast Lifestyle. This company started out as a class project and ended up turning into an incredibly successful company in almost no time. A video about the brand that Austin created reached over a million views on YouTube, pushing Austin into the big leagues.

After also shooting a video with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk that also blew past one million views, Austin decided to become a freelancer. He started up Ausgod which became his own production company. As he was enjoying life as a freelancer, one day, the CEO of NELK, Kyle Forgeard, asked him to move to California and lead their content and creative team.
While at first hesitant, he realized this was the opportunity of a lifetime, so he pulled the trigger. He’s been working as the director of content for NELK and Full Send for the past two and a half years, and loving every moment of it.

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