Vernacular Art-Space Laboratory Hosts Group Show


Yinka Olatunbosun

The year 2020 was a year of collapse of boundaries, borders and solidary which had fostered standing together in one voice to condemn either political epidemics or finding solution to the pandemics in our collective social lives. It was the year that the millennials and Gen Z took the Centre stage against bad governance. These gave rise to hashtags: #EndSARS in Nigeria and #BlackLivesMatter in the United States of America.

It has also been the busiest year for all the humanitarian organizations (UN, WHO, UNICEF) and the essential workers who worked tirelessly to keep people healthy and sustain people’s health. Victory had been recorded in some spheres: vaccines have been made and finally, the EU has resolved on Brexit. Covid-19 is raging in many parts of the world and even with the advent of vaccines, it might take a few more years for the world to stabilize from the impacts of Covid-19 in all spheres of lives.

At the Vernacular Art-Space Laboratory, we are interested in interrogating this global phenomenon caused by the pandemic through a series of events and group exhibition with the theme, “Postscripts.’’ The exhibition seeks through both digital and terrestrial platforms to present a recollection and reallocation of actions triggered by the first wave and subsequent waves of the novel coronavirus.

The selected artists of diverse disciplines have been invited to share with us their moments of calmness, creativity and vulnerabilities through performances, visual representations, talks, community interventions and interrogations. In their creations, we hope to be reassured of living and to study how the consequences of the sacrifices we make now will impact on our future.