5 Football Betting Tips to Consider Before You Bet

Here Are Five Betting Tips to Consider Before You Bet on Football Matches
There are millions of people placing bets on football matches across the globe every day. It is the most popular sport on the planet, and is also the most popular one to place bets on.

Because of its popularity it is very easy to find information that can assist you in placing bets on games. There are countless websites that will take bets, great spots to find for information, and other sources that can help you to make the smart wager.
You want to make decisions and learn the most important information that can help you to bet on football matches. So, before you place your next wager, here are five tips you need to consider.

1. Pick a Bookie with the Best Odds in Football Betting
If you are new to placing wagers on football, one thing that you need to understand is that not every bookmaker provides the same odds as others. You may find that the odds on one game are significantly better in terms of your return then they are at another site. This is why it pays to look around.

Choosing the right bookmaker is one of the most important decisions of all. This is why you need to spend some time looking for great options. Fortunately, there are sites out there like https://www.bestbettingsites.com/nigeria/ who provide you with the best Nigerian bookmakers ranked in order by a rating based upon the number of factors they have employed.

As you continue your search, you are likely to find that bookmakers provide odds on futures bets that proved to be wrong. This most frequently occurs when a bookmaker is setting how teams will finish in a tournament or during a league season. Oddsmakers sometimes get caught up in the glamour of a particular team and will lose sight of an up and comer or will ignore blemishes believing that a team is better than they are. This frequently happens.

Besides finding the right bookmakers to give you the best odds, you may also want to look for ones that offer additional types of bets during games. Ones where you can bet on how many goals will be scored by halftime, what player will score first, or who will get a yellow card? All of these kinds of things come with odds, and so not every bookmaker will provide these types of bets. If you like these kinds of prop bets, find the right bookmaker for you.

2. Check the Overall Stats of the Leagues

Just like a stock analyst will spend hours analyzing numbers, statistics, and trends, you need to do that too if you are placing wagers on football matches. There are great websites out there like https://www.soccerstats.com/ where you can get detailed stats that can assist you in making a good bet.

You not only need to know how well players and teams are performing, but how they have been head-to-head against their opponent for that match, how they have performed over the last few games, or maybe if there is a big differential in how they play on the road versus at home.

A website with good football stats is like a stockbroker having detailed information about potential mergers or financial figures. They really are gold.

3. Check Team Ratings and Stats, and Missing Player
Besides looking into stats, you want to learn all that you can about players and overall team performance. You are going to find that there are websites out there that will give you important stats on how a team ranks overall within the league or tournament. You can learn how well they have performed in recent matches, and use that data to assist you in determining how they will likely do in the future.

One very important piece of information you need to know is if players are injured or may miss the contest altogether. It does not necessarily have to be a star player going down to change the outcome of the game. If the team is already thin on their back line and they have one of their starting four defenders out, this impacts the team greatly. Not only does it change the dynamics of their defense, but also weakens their bench.
Looking at great sources like http://www.Whoscored.com and http://www.Sofascore.com/ can help you to find that kind of information.

4. Always Look at the Last 3 Matches for Both Teams
If you want to know how well a team is likely to perform in an upcoming match, then look at their three most recent matches. This is a great indicator for many reasons.
First off, it tells you what players are performing well or, conversely, who is not playing well. If a goalkeeper has given up eight or more goals in their last three matches, it is likely that he is in a bit of a slump and is going to give up three or more in the upcoming contest.

On the other hand, if a player has netted four goals over their last three games or has been dominant on the pitch, creating plays and setting up goals, this is a major indicator that can assist you in placing a bet on that team. Look for who is doing well over the last few games.

For teams, this kind of information is just as valuable. While not a sure thing, a team that has lost three games in a row is likely to lose four. There may be a number of factors contributing to that, such as injuries and slumps, but streaks and trends in the most recent games tell you a lot about how a team is performing. This can have a major impact in assisting you to make a good decision.

One important note about this. When both teams are going through a period of great success or are lacking in success, go beyond that to find what factors may be contributing. Let us explain that a little further.

Let’s say that both teams have lost their last three matches. That would seem to nullify the use of this tip altogether, but that is not necessarily true. If Chelsea, for example, has lost three in a row but they were all against top-flight teams in the league and they were all close matches, that is different from Arsenal losing three straight games to teams in the bottom of their division.

Looking into the three most recent matches means digging into who they played, how well they played against those teams, and how well those teams have been performing. In other words, do a deep dive.

5. Bet More on Leagues Rather Than Cup Tournaments
While there are some who love to bet on tournaments, we recommend to you that you focus your wagers more on leagues than on cup tournaments.

What you may be surprised to learn is that managers are more likely to choose weaker players to compete in these tournaments than they would for league play. Unless you are talking about the World Cup, this is the strategy they use.
League play is far more important than playing in tournaments, so they often will not risk the best talent potentially getting injured for what are viewed as meaningless games.

Therefore, it is weaker players that wind up participating in these tournaments.
As a person placing a wager on these games, you have no real sense of which team might be significantly better than the other. Because the talent is not up to the same level as league play, finding who has the best overall team is usually not very easy.

These tips should help you to make good picks when placing bets on football. We cannot stress to you enough that it takes some time and research to be really good. There are websites out there that can assist you, but your own research is likely to be the difference between you winning and losing.

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