This kind of fight my mama used to be an expert in it. After I have gone to look for trouble and they want to beat me, I will run to my mother and hide behind her big bum. I will never run to my papa o. That one will just throw me out and they will give me the beating of my life. But my mama will say, let a strand of his hair be missing and you will see what I did in the civil war and everybody in Shomolu that time will be afraid as nobody want Mama Calabar wey be soldier problem. So Father Kukah don go find trouble and the trouble don come.

I don’t know if he has run to hide behind anybody’s bum because that would be against his vows but a lot of bums have come up to offer him refuge. My brother FFK has jumped into the fray and even the federal government has also tried to calm tempers. This Muslim Solidarity people are mean o. They say the baba should apologise or leave town, this is not the way to handle things like this. I don’t want to jump in like my brother FFK, you know my mama just die taking away my major source of protection so I have to tread carefully. You see my Muslim brothers, Baba Kukah did not say anything so wrong to warrant this mobile fatwah. I wonder why you guys cannot engage him rationally and fight him back logic for logic.

All this gra-gra and motor park fighting is not good and leads to nothing. So please issue your own statement and ask him categorically apart from all this talk since 1980 what exactly he has done for the country. Ask him if he is not part of the problem. In fact, ask him if he has not seen what other reverend fathers have done in the world and not just to be talking and talking up and down. In fact, yab him that all this talk he never even get promotion to be Archbishop of Nigeria, talkless of Pope. After all he and Pope na the same seminary dey go.

Tell him say no be him mates be canon and saints that even me, Duke of Shomolu, if I join Catholic today, I go make saint before am because all the yellow women will vote for me. You can abuse him finish, even ask am if he can give woman belle but to say he should leave any territory in Nigeria you no fit. You no get the power and you no fit try am and that is why we are saying touch his hair and let’s see – that is how they say it in Shomolu before everybody run away before the fight. Me sef don talk and don run away o. This Nigeria sef, it is a huge reality TV series, I tell you.

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