COVID-19: States Must Take The Initiative

It has become evident that a majority of Nigerians are largely their own problems. The under-reported deaths rate in the country today as a result of the spread of the second wave of Covid-19 attests to the fact that the believability of the virus is still at the lowest ebb.

It is confounding, therefore, to note that in spite of the deaths of prominent people so far announced especially, the rate of their passing, Nigerians still hold parties entertaining large crowds; they still go to the beaches and hold all manner of parties, carrying on as though life was normal.

The time has come, perhaps, for the states to take the initiatives and help curb the current rate of spread through some measures pending the arrival of the vaccines. It is commonplace that the nation cannot afford another lockdown for obvious reasons, chief of which is the weak economy, which is already in its second recession in a few years.

But it would not be out of place for states, whose governors are ‘sensible and reasonable’ (and not those helping to promulgate the narrative that Covid-19 is hyped) to proscribe social gatherings of all kinds for now. Although this addresses the economy too, saving lives at this juncture should not be subject to any debate. Let the states show strength and leadership now!

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