Covid-19 Restrictions Hinder Progress of Osborne Estate Case

By Peter Taiwo

Trial between Residents of Osborne Estate in Ikoyi and the Lagos State Government at the Lagos High Court TBS, before Justice T. A. Oyekan was disrupted, due to Covid-19 protocols.

The recent rise in Covid-19 cases within Lagos State, forced the State Government to direct all its workers from level 13 down, to work from home.

Counsel representing Osborne Estates Board of Trustees, Mr. Olayinka Olasewere, and counsel to the Claimant, Mr. Ola Bakare, were shut out of the court room without prior notification.

No adjourned date was given, as the court staff told all present that they could not give any dates, because they are not officially at work.

It will be recalled that Lagos State Government was granted a motion ex-parte by the Federal High Court in Lagos, in which it sought to restrain any group of persons from preventing it from taking full control of a property located at Plot 10, Block 11, Royal Park Avenue, Osborne Phase II, Foreshore Estate.

The Lagos State Government has taken full rights of the property and renovation; and the conversion is also at an advance stage, despite the fact that the matter is still pending before a Federal High Court.

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