Managing Director of FCMB, Mr. Adam Nuru

When this thing broke, I stood clear. I knew social media in its usual erratic form will take the bank and its MD to the cleaners. I didn’t comment oh. I was just looking. As expected, the war was ferocious and the bank’s image was taken to the cleaners. But as it raged, I observed as is the case with social media exchanges that facts, logic, and common sense were not the currency but emotions, rumours, and outright fabrications were the order of the day. So, I decided to write an article and placed it on Simon Kolawole’s The Cable, and my position was clear.

Please these are lives: the accused, the dead man, and the woman, and much more important, there are little children in the mix. As such, let’s look for the facts and allow due process and structures to handle the matter. Mbok, come and see abuse. They abused me oh. One elder sent me a text and said he was disappointed in me and would stop reading my column. I called him to explain my position. I was talking to a wall. He didn’t shift. The abuse was continuous. One other guy called me, “Edgar, why are you taking a bullet for FCMB? Is it because you used to work there?” I said no. They even drive me commot for the place. My point is very clear: if we allow the continuous rage of the digital mob who trade on emotive sentiments rather than logic and who instead of allowing due process but seek blood, then we are headed towards a complete breakdown of law and order and at that point nobody is safe.

I never even talk finish, when I got a call and the caller said, “Edgar, how could you? I heard you were sleeping with Erelu’s housemaid?” I laughed and said, “You and your people who are talking, God will punish all of your stupid mouths for this kind of wicked lie and I dropped the phone. If I was a public figure now or a bank MD that is how the gist will gain currency and social media will carry it and they will be saying, he can kuku do it. Is not Duke of Shomolu? He likes ‘yellow’ women. My people this is the dawn of the social miscreants and nobody is safe. The digital mob once they pick on you it’s like a horde of Piranha, they will not stop until they finish you. Scary, really scary.