COVID-19’s Notorious Second Wave

Boss Mustapha

How some Nigerians still go about their normal businesses as though all the campaigns about the Covid-19 pandemic was made up confound a lot others, who had either been exposed to the virus or knew people who had it or had even lost some of their loved ones to the virus.

Unfortunately, Nigerians’ recalcitrance is being exhibited at a time the second wave of the virus isn’t just lethal, but inexplicably notorious, with a mutation period that claims its victims faster than any other disease known to mankind in recent history.

Quite frankly, the choice to life and death is essentially personal. Even when the anti Covid-19 campaigns are as famous as with those indifferent to it, wisdom is clearly profitable in the current circumstance. The tendency to be reckless and utterly irresponsible comes with its consequences and the brunt would be shouldered alone.

The second wave of Covid-19 is real and deadlier. Interestingly, government is not asking for too much. It’s just asking everyone to be responsible in order to keep others safe. Compliance with the protocols isn’t a big deal, albeit for those who desire to live and see the end of the virus. Let everyone be guided. Life hasn’t got a duplicate, even if affordable.