This short man can look for trouble o. Is he the only Rev Father in the country? Only him will see that there is nepotism and all that thing he has said. Who is he? Who is his father? When he does not have wife and be having sex why won’t he be talking rubbish? But wait, that is me trying to be sarcastic in support of this man of courage but Nigerians being what they are will not see the irony and taking my words on face value and be saying what is wrong with Duke? Why is he abusing Kukah? So, let me be in plain support of his position.

The man did not call for any stupid coup. He just said the things that need to be said and the best thing to do is not to be looking for his ‘never used’ balls to crush. We should be looking deeply at his statement because that is the bane of our problem since 2015. Reading all sorts of meanings and trying to distract us from the very stringent import of his message is mischievous and irritating – sorry for my harsh words. When men have lost their courage to speak, the Father continues to speak.

It is not today that he has been speaking. He was a thorn in the face of military tyranny so why should he be any different now? Mbok, let’s focus and face the things he said with a plan to address the issues. Mbok leave Father alone, no be him do us.