Love in The Air as Julius Rone Serenades Wife, Yutee, at 43


Julius and Yutee Rone are among Nigerian personalities who celebrate one thing or another in December, and therefore make the end of every year a time of soirées, clinking flute wine glasses, music, grooving, and every other custom of a thriving and respectable assembly. This year, Julius Rone serenaded his wife, Yutee, as he always does, celebrating her 43rd birthday.

Utibe ‘Yutee’ Rone is the heart and soul of the Rone family, as the actions of Julius Rone are wont to communicate. Similar to an old, wedded pair that always finds reasons to cherish themselves, Julius Rone has built a tradition around celebrating Yutee’s birthday, and that of 2020 was just as sparkling as that of 2019.

Last year broke the dam on unmet expectations, as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted economies, families, and individuals. Thus, Julius Rone’s adherence this time to serenading his wife was more than a customary gesture. An understanding husband like Rone who can find?

But Julius’ love and devotion are understandable. At 43, some women lose their mental and bodily vitality, finding reasons to complain about everything and anything. But not Yutee. 2020 was just as difficult for her as it was for others — more difficult, in fact, with the many rumours that dragged her name and character through the mud.
But Yutee Rone has remained her lovely self: the dust gathered and thrown at her has served to gild her runway. Yutee remains the brilliant fashion designer who raised her own company from the ground up in 2007 and is one of the most notable Abuja-based brains behind Africa-styled women’s wear.

With the Rone family, the conclusion of the matter has always been that life is good. Their businesses are thriving superlatively, their kids are adorable, and their matrimony is like time-sweetening wine.
Like the interlocking teeth of a jigsaw, is Julius and Yutee Rone: complementary and fitting.