How Multiple Streams of Income Boosted Sonaira Business World Growth


The phenomenal growth of Sonaira Business World, one of Nigeria’s leading online and offline retail businesses continues to wow many. The company’s CEO, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor has made it clear that the business wasn’t built overnight.

Presently, Sonaira Business World has expanded into various business areas including formulation of natural skincare products as well as bulk and retail supply, human hair importation and supply, adult and children’s fashion, adult pleasure toys, real estate consultation, global courier and logistics.”

Asked about her motivation for diversifying Sonaira Business World into different areas and concerns instead of concentrating on one type of business, she offered an insight: “My motivation might have come from my experiences as a child. Growing up, I watched my mom run several businesses, petty trades and even a daily paid job at times. This gave me the insight of how possible it is to make money from several sources.”

She added: “Few years ago, I read several books from motivational speakers like Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki and other notable authors. One phrase that kept recurring was “multiple streams of income”. Then in 2014, I joined the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development and we did a full course on MSI (Multiple streams of income) and it became clearer to me that in today’s world and economic climate, one cannot survive with one income alone; the ability to have various sources of income like I learned as a child is very vital. My indefatigable zest for having multiple streams of income has snowballed into acquiring several skills with the desire to improve daily on each one of them.”
Running multiple businesses, she opined, is a no brainer for those that understand the dynamics of time. “You can’t physically be everywhere at once but it’s possible to monitor several businesses today through advanced technological gadgets,” she averred.

For Ovuehor, the success of Sonaira Business World notwithstanding, it is not yet time to rest on her oars, not untill she achieves her ultimate objective, which she concisely defined: “I envision Sonaira Business World becoming a household brand.”