Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde

Let me state it here very clearly that there are two governors I don’t joke with, Babajide Sanwo -Olu and Seyi Makinde. You see my admiration cuts across party boundaries because of the values I want to believe they are posting. Remove the yeye Sanwo-Olu do during #EndSARS, the guy means well and is working. I like him. I rate him only after my forever best Ambode in recent times.

But my love for Mr. Makinde is on a different level. His style of governance is quality. I watch the things he is doing in Oyo State with admiration. So when the stomach infrastructure expert calls him a baby governor, I just smirk. That one doesn’t even know what he is talking about.

His own is just to be opening mouth and be throwing things on the road without finesse or think through. Mr. Makinde represents next-level leadership. The kind we pray for. I don’t know the man from Adam and I don’t want anything from him o. In fact, since Erelu and her mother died, my links with Ibadan are over but the truth is, his constructive engagement with his people remains world class.

I am never effusive about politicians but this is different. As my baby governor, I say well done. Sorry, the third governor I admire na El-Rufai. I know people will kill me on the Duke Summit but I maintain my prerogative to like person na, even though the person is short-tempered, short in height wey dey carry everybody go court if you say small thing like him head big. Leave am, I like am like that. I don run o.