This is claimer-in-chief. As Anthony Joshua win world title bro just claim am. He no even know wetin happen o or how many times the man had to train all-nights and the deprivations, all bros know is that the man is from Sagamu and there must be alignment. Mbok, Joshua please come and present the belt o so that we can rest and move on. Anthony Joshua has been a strong force in not only the boxing world but also as a global proponent for all things good.

He has kept his faith with his home turf, visiting us, pitying us, and saying the right things. I watched that fight at least the point he knock the opponent down and that one was now vomiting the afang he ate the previous evening. Made us proud, he is a great son of Ogun state and I am sure his picture will be on the reelection poster as one of the dividends of democracy in Sagamu. I don run o.