COVID-19: Be Responsible This Yuletide!


Across the world, there’s one bad news everyone is dealing with at the moment and it is the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is claiming as many lives as the first wave did. Unfortunately, while some countries have been busy embracing selective lockdowns as part of measures to curb any further spread, Nigeria is unable to go this route.

The reasons are simple. Apart from the fact that the economy has yet to recover from the initial lockdown, it has also entered another recession, said to be the worst since 1987. In addition to this are the many security challenges the country is currently facing, which have made it difficult for other sectors of the economy to function effectively.

This is why the resort to personal discipline is inevitable in taming the virus. People must take responsibility and follow through with all the Covid-19 protocols as prescribed by experts. It is dangerous taking chances or acquiescing to a large gathering at this time, bearing in mind the fact that it’s yuletide, when people are likely to be reckless.

Whether or not anyone likes it, at the end of the day, people’s lives are in their hands. It’s a function of choice. You either choose life or disobey simple rules and face your battle with Covid-19. At least, government has done enough seeking people’s cooperation to defeat the virus. The incident commanders in both Abuja and Lagos are currently in isolation. Thus, for those who still think it’s all a façade or remain reckless, good luck!